Blog Statement: President Biden’s Investments in Efforts to Increase Housing Supply and Lower Costs

Aug. 3, 2023

Contact: Jessamyn Garner

YIMBY Action Welcomes President Biden’s Investments in Efforts to Increase Housing Supply and Lower Costs

San Francisco, CA— Laura Foote, YIMBY Action’s Executive Director, released the following statement after the Biden-Harris Administration announced funding for new programs to increase housing supply, lower costs, support commercial to residential conversions, and more:

“With President Biden’s announcement that his administration will fund multiple programs to make housing more affordable and increase supply, he’s proving that he’s a true YIMBY.

“Across the country, YIMBY Action chapters are fighting for inclusive housing policies and against onerous zoning restrictions that perpetuate our housing shortage. In particular, the federal government’s plan to provide $85 million to jurisdictions working to remove barriers to housing production will be a boon to this work, allowing more high-quality housing to be built at all income levels. We strongly encourage states and municipalities across the country to take advantage of this funding to improve local zoning laws to strengthen housing production. YIMBY activists will continue to hold jurisdictions accountable so these new programs are implemented successfully. Thank you, President Biden.”


About YIMBY Action: YIMBY Action is a national network of people who advocate for abundant, affordable housing and inclusive, sustainable communities across the United States. YIMBY Action builds grassroots activist power and organizes to elect pro-housing candidates, pass high-impact pro-housing legislation, and get more housing built in high-opportunity neighborhoods.

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